ASHI or the American Society of Home Inspectors is an organization of about 6,000 members and over 80 chapters. The ASHI Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics serves as a guideline for home inspectors to follow. These home inspectors are well respected, highly accredited professional in North America and are recognized universally. The website,, was created in 1976 with a mission to “to meet the needs of its membership and promote excellence and exemplary practice within the profession” (ASHI Par 2). As a not-for-profit organization, ASHI establishes high standards for the home inspectors and is a gateway for consumers to access useful information.
The ASHI website,, is a resource for consumers, home inspectors, real estate agents and the media to get information and advice on home inspections. The home inspectors that qualify and meet the standards of ASHI are recognized. The inspectors make a commitment to follow the ASHI Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics. Consumers and real estate professions can find a home inspector easily by typing in the property address. Immediately a list of the closest ASHI home inspectors appears with their company information. This tool makes a home sale easier and gives the seller a sense of protection from their home inspection.
It is vital to select a highly skilled and greatly educated home inspector. Do not let cost be a factor when selecting your home. The knowledge the buyer will gain and the sense of security preceding the inspection is well worth the cost. These ASHI inspectors have high levels of qualifications and experience along with training and fulfillment with state regulations that place these individuals on the top of the spectrum. ASHI has worked to build consumer consciousness of home inspectors and improve the professionalism and reputation of its association.